Ephesians 6

This is an important verse for children, especially in present times. However, I think there should be a lesson that works for families with only one parent since the scripture seems to be geared for two parent homes and single parent homes are often overlooked.

The problem with how most people interpret these verses, mainly the ones about raising children, are that they are mainly talking about two parent homes. Christians often overlook the single parent homes and leave out a lot of us. Mother’s especially have a harder time getting our children to listen to us than father’s and two parent homes. Father’s have that big booming voice that gets kids’ attention and they know he means business. Mother’s tend to be more soft spoken and often times, have to yell to be heard. Yelling is never good because it makes her seem unstable and she loses her calm. We as christians need to realize that we all need to work together and help those who are going it alone. The old saying “it takes a village” is so true. Especially in a congregation that has single parents.

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well” 2 Timothy 1:5

While single parents can and have instilled some faith in their children, a lot of them cannot do it alone and are still learning themselves. Some of us have not grown up in the church and still are unsure about everything. We need the guidance of those who have been there longer and know more about the bible than us. Just because we are single parents doing it all alone, doesn’t mean we don’t need help. We need more help than those two parent families do.

My experience being a single mother and raising two boys is not the prettiest. My boys never listen to me and they seemingly don’t respect me because I haven’t had the help of their dad or others. Now days I do have a great man in my life who is being helpful but sometimes I feel like they’ve gone without a male figure so long that it might be too late. Their dad and their grandmother would tell them when they were younger, that they did not have to listen to me and they would constantly undermine everything that I was trying to teach my boys. It wasn’t until I joined the Church of Christ that I started to get some help in raising my boys. Now I have a boyfriend who is also a huge help. But before that, they just would not listen to me for anything. I would spank, I would raise my voice, I tried everything but nothing worked. I needed help! I am thankful for the help I have now but at the time it seemed like nothing would get through to them. Even now, they still have behavior problems but they are somewhat more manageable now. With the help of my church family and my boyfriend.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this off my chest. My friend and I are thinking about a book series for children of single parent homes with single mothers and single fathers for them to understand some scriptures a bit better. Something that is geared towards families with single parents, foster parents, blended families, and such. Something that helps the parents as well as the children. Maybe a graphic novel or something for older children as well as an illustrated book for younger children.

Stay At Home Moms

Why is it that people have to complain about every little thing? I was at the store yesterday morning and the cashier was complaining about the school calling her about this or that while her kid is doing online school and she was complaining that she works for a living and doesn’t have time to deal with this online school like these other “lazy mother’s who stay home all day sitting on their a**” Well, for starters, just because a mother stays home with her kids or works from home, this does not make her lazy. I am sure she has her hands full with household chores, feeding her kids, playing teacher with her kids who are going to school online because they can’t go to the actual school just yet and who knows what else. Does that make her lazy? Why am I so offended by what this woman said? I am one of those mothers who stays home with my kids but I am also a full time student and I run my own business as well as writing this blog not to mention all the other stuff I have to do in my home and keeping my kids on track with school work. Am I a lazy mom because I don’t go into a job every day? Not to mention, I am a single mother with no help from my kids dad. He does not help physically, financially, or in any other way so I am doing it all on my own. So tell me, does this make me “lazy?”

Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with any of this. I love you all, God bless!

Memoirs of a Serial Killer (title pending)

I sit on my front porch every morning and have my morning coffee as I watch the neighborhood go about their busy bustling mornings each and every day. It disturbs me to see such acting of “perfection” in public while behind closed doors, there is utter chaos. Wives cheating on their husbands, mother’s yelling and screaming at their children, yet when someone is watching, they act so perfect and innocent and loving. It’s enough to make me want to scream bloody fucking murder at the whole scene!

My neighbors across the street for example; every morning they have breakfast together, he gets ready for work, she kisses him goodbye. Then, not a full half hour after he leaves, she has her boyfriend pull up and enter the house and he will stay for a couple hours before leaving to who knows where. Probably on to his next whore who is probably married as well.

My neighbor to my left is constantly screaming at her children when their father is at work. When he is home, she acts the loving mother who gives them everything they need but when he is gone, she refuses to feed them, yells at them to clean the house, and slaps them in the face if they so much as glance at her.

I feel like the only neighbor who doesn’t sin is the single lady to my right who goes to church every Sunday and works from home. I’ve never seen her commit a single sin and I admire her for being so naïve and Godly. The rest of this neighborhood is going to hell in a hand basket.

I feel like I must do something about all the filth in this world. Or at the very least, this neighborhood and possibly the whole town.

Two Eyes

You are very special to me

Far beyond any two eyes could ever see

Two eyes that have never seen hatred or pain

They’ve only seen what there is to gain

Through those eyes I see your love

Always gentle like a velvet glove

More beautiful than the night’s sky

Or a flickering flame that never dies

A flame that hides deep down inside

Trusting another love is hard for you to decide

Because of all the hurt you dealt with in the past

You don’t think there’s a love that will ever last

When I look at this I see a reflection of me

I’m scared that my love, you will never see

Just like you it’s hard for me to believe

That a love like yours will never leave

A love that is so sacred and warm

The kind that will protect you through a storm

A storm so vivid and cruel

Like a mom when you’ve broken all the rules

Please let go and look into my heart

And try to believe that we will never part

Just trust that my love will never go

And we’ll be together to flourish and grow

I’m willing to take the chance

Without even taking a glance

At those two eyes that have only seen hatred and pain

Those two eyes that have never seen what there is to gain

By Lanie Becker- 2002

Whispearia- Chapter One

Pagan stepped out of the portal holding Alea in his arms and surveyed his new surroundings. He looked back behind him and saw that instead of the portal was a strange building that read ‘Diner’ on the front. His parents had conjured up some pieces of paper that they told him was the currency in this strange world and he would need it to purchase food, clothes, and any other items he and Alea might need along his travels. He would also be considered a minor and would probably need to make up a set of parents with a good story as to why he and his “sister” were alone.

Pagan decided that if anyone asked him about their parents, he would say he was on his way to meet them and hope they did not ask any further questions. He decided to find a secluded place in the woods where people would not bother them. He knew how to build a decent-sized home for shelter and he could hunt for food and grow a garden. He would find a place near a stream for water and fishing. He was certain things would be ok. They did not need the traditional mundane school that children their ages would need. He would find supplies in this little town and set out for a private area far away from humans. If he did come into contact with any humans, the good faerie gave him a clay model with a small amount of magic that could be used just enough to power the golem into a life-size mother figure that would pass as a guardian for the two.

Entering the Diner, Pagan looked around the small empty room with tables and chairs. The place seemed deserted as he sat in a corner booth where he could easily see the door if anyone should enter. There was an exit nearby that they could escape if he felt they were in danger.

“You look like a hungry little man,” a waitress stated. “Would you like to see a menu? Are your parents meeting you here? We also have some milk for your little… I assume this is your sister?”

“Yes, my mother is running some errands and she sent me to get something to eat while I am waiting with my sister,” Pagan explained. Short and simple and to the point with not too many details. Pagan ordered something called a salad for himself and a glass of milk for Alea. The waitress suggested he use the straw to feed her the milk since she was yet too small to drink from a glass. He told her he knew what to do and they would be fine. He paid her five dollars for the meal so he would not have to deal with her if she had any more questions later.

“We’ll be ok Alea,” Pagan whispered to Alea. “We’ll find a place where no one will bother us. The years will fly by and soon we will be home again. I will teach you everything you need to know about Whispearia so that we can defeat your Uncle and save the Kingdom.”

Alea cooed back at Pagan as if she were agreeing with him and reassuring him that he was correct.

After finishing the salad and Alea’s milk was gone, they left the diner and set out along their journey cutting behind the diner where he found a small grown over path leading into the woods. Pagan figured he would be walking at least half the day if not a full day to find a place that was suitable Alea and himself to set up a modest homestead. He wrapped her blanket around his back in the way as a backpack to carry her on his back so he could get farther faster. He didn’t have too much trouble with wild animals along the way. They looked at him and kept about their own business. Still having the scent of a dragon helped keep him safe from predators and more docile creatures didn’t mind as long as he didn’t chase after them.

Just before the sun went down, he came across a creek with no view of humans in sight. He would have to explore more in the morning to be sure but so far this seemed like a good place to wait until it was time to return home.

Book Ideas

I am wanting to write more books. I would like to know what my blog fans would like to read about in the near or distant future. I have one book I am working on right now and another idea in the works that I am contemplating working on with my boyfriend who came up with the idea.

The book I am currently stuck on is called Whispearia and is about an elf princess who was sent to our mundane earth to protect her from an evil that took hold of her Uncle and threatened her parents and her own lives. She was sent in the care of a shape-shifting elf who was merely eight years older than herself at just two years old. They survived on their own in the woods of mundane earth without much problems and learned to hunt and fish and grow food and survive off the land. Not much different than life in Whispearia except there was no magic and they could not speak to the animals. Not that the animals can talk in Whispearia, but anyone from the land is able to communicate with animals by magic of course. I am stuck on Chapter three of this book and have been for quite some time now. Any suggestions from my loyal readers would be great.

For this next project that my boyfriend and I came up with, it’s a bit darker than my usual writing style but I am interested all the same. It will be about this serial killer from the killers point of view, who targets women who sin. He will strangle his victim, then he will surgically remove one of her ribs and pose her body with an apple in her mouth and a letter carved in her forehead. For example, the letter A for adulterer or G for greed, etc. The apple represents the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the rib represents him taking back his rib from her. His name is Adam btw and he is a very religious man. (He just forgot about the sin of committing murder of course). We have a few ideas for this book but we’re still in the idea phase and I was hoping for some feedback from my readers on whether this would be a good path or not. Please comment with any ideas, suggestions, or if this sounds like a good idea or not.

As for any other ideas that any of you might have, please feel free to comment on genre’s or story ideas that you would like to see published one day and I will do my best to create some works of art for my readers to follow.

I love you all, and God bless!

Why Do I Blog?

I blog to spread kindness and positivity to the world and to encourage everyone to be more positive even when times are so negative. I hope that my posts are helping people who might be having a hard day with a little bit of a positive outlook to the world. I love writing and this is what I want to do with my life. This is how I want to spread some cheer and positivity to anyone and everyone who reads my blog.

I also love photography and I have a website where I have my work published in my portfolio as well as a place to schedule an appointment for photo sessions. photosbylanie.com I also want to use my photo talent to better the world as well. I would love to hear ideas from my followers as well as to what I should write about or take photos of. If you have an issue or topic in mind that you would like to hear a positive spin on, please feel free to message me and let me know what you would like to read on my blogs.

August 19, 2020

So this is a huge birthday month for my family. My Aunt’s birthday is tomorrow, My boyfriend’s birthday is Sunday, even my dog is coming up on the 26th followed by my oldest son on the 27th and mine on the 28th. My son’s friend is the 31st as well as my sister’s boyfriend. There have already been several birthdays in the beginning of the month including my late dad and my boyfriends sister on the tenth. So yes, there are a lot of birthdays this month.

Anyway, this month has been alright. Could be better but it’s not horrible. Online school with my kids is a bit frustrating as I am also in school myself and at the end of the day after helping my kids all day, I am too tired of school to work on my own stuff. But somehow we are managing and getting things done so I guess it’s not all bad. I have been feeling pretty good lately with managing my bipolar symptoms and I haven’t had any depressive episodes in quite a while so that I am thankful for. My new meds seem to be helping me a lot.

Life is pretty great despite the uncertain times we are facing right now. I am getting my business off the ground and hoping to bring in some new clients soon. I have my website up and running too. If anyone is interested in visiting or live in the area and want to schedule an appointment for a photo shoot, or just want to see my work, feel free to visit: photosbylanie.com and we are also on Facebook Photos by Lanie.

Well, I guess that’s about it for today as I am out of things to talk about for this day. Love you all, and God bless!

Let’s Get Back to Church Already!

While the beauty of Christ’s church is that we are not confined to a building, I do long for the days that I get to see my brothers and sisters in person. That sense of community and longing could never be replaced online. I know the church will overcome. The church withstood the shut downs of the 1920’s during the Spanish Flu, we can overcome these difficult times as well.

Why then, are we told to stay home and not fellowship with our brothers and sisters while hundreds of people are shopping together at Walmart breathing on each other, touching each other. Yet we are not allowed to worship together with our fellow christian? Rioters can be in the streets with no masks on, yelling and shouting and spitting on each other, yet we are not allowed to worship our Lord together? How does any of this make any sense at all?

This world is not our home yet we treat it as if it is the only place we belong and we forget where we truly belong and will be again someday.

Psalm 122:1 (ESV): I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

God and Government

What does the bible say about constitutional rights and/or government, especially if our right to worship is taken away?

Romans 13:1-7 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

While God wants us to obey our government He does not want us to go against Him if our government wants us to do anything that keeps us from serving Him.

Revelation 2:10: The term there, “be faithful unto death” is often misunderstood as simply a Christian living their life and when they die of old age (or God forbid any calamity), they’ll be given a crown of life. While this is true, the context of this verse informs us that we need to be faithful “even to the point of death.”

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